Volunteers are needed to ensure that this year’s Shepard Symposium on Social Justice will operate effectively and will a professional atmosphere. Please review the descriptions below to determine where you would be most willing to help.

Please send an email to Christi Boggs <cboggs@uwyo.edu>  or Michelle Jarman <mjarman@uwyo.edu> if you would like to volunteer. 

Your volunteer registration is not a binding contract. It is simply a statement of your willingness to volunteer your time and skills. A representative will be in touch with you to discuss further details.

Volunteer Needs

A. Publicity

A.1 Poster Distribution
Description: Put up posters for the Symposium all over campus
Time Needed: Later in the spring - March 2016

A.2 Post Card Helpers:
Description: Cut apart, count, distribute post cards to various departments
Time Needed: anytime

B. Program

C.1 Session Room Volunteer:
Description: Check in with the presenter(s), make sure they have everything they need (coordinate with the Tech volunteer), and keep the sessions on time
Time Needed: During the Symposium – let us know your availability, you will then sign up for sessions

C.2 Registration Table:
Descriptions: Sign in people who previously registered, hand out name tags, accept registrations the day of symposium, answer general questions, give directions to session rooms, escort attendees to the proper rooms as requested, general help as needed.
Time Needed: During the Symposium – let us know your availability